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6-month Menopausal Package: $1500

6-month Program: 3 visits, 3 Lab Orders, 6mo of hormone scripts, emails & phone calls as needed

  • 40 minutes
  • Phone or Video Call

Service Description

This 6-month personalized program will both tune you up and get your hormones balanced for the next phase of life. 6-month Starter Package Includes: Three visits, including interpretation of up to 3 sets of labs ...starting with at least 12 modifiable health and longevity bio-markers, including for inflammation, sugar metabolism, and detoxification capacity. This package assures you have the information, prescriptions and support you need to improve your overall health for the rest of your life, including follow-up phone calls and emails as needed for 6 months. - First Dr. Ireland will review any past medical records & labs you have prior to the appointment. - Then you start with a 40 min initial interview by phone or video call with Dr. Ireland, with a follow-up visit if additional general health labs are recommended at that time. - You receive a 3-month starter prescription for sex hormone replacement at the first or second visit and then another prescription after the 3-month labs. - Action Plan: personalized, clear, "next steps" are written out for you after each visit, where both results and treatment options are discussed. - Follow-up emails and brief phone calls are included to answer all questions you may have after starting the hormones and along the way as needed for 6 months. - Hormone labs are ordered for 3-months after starting hormones, along with a re-test your metabolic health modifiable bio-markers (inflammation, sugar, thyroid, etc.), followed by a visit where a new 3-month personalized prescription is provided to you based on your current symptoms and labs, not on a generic formula. - In the rare case that your history and/or labs raise safety concerns relative to starting Hormone Replacement Therapy, options and referrals will be provided as appropriate and the fee will be adjusted. - You will need to pay your lab fee directly to the lab companies and hormone costs directly to the pharmacy. - Some of the required labs may be available through your Primary Care Provider and insurance.

Contact Details


The G Spa San Francisco, 490 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA

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