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The Full Story


Dr. Ireland's more than 25 years of training in Functional Medicine along with an NIH fellowship and graduate degree in epidemiology allow her to assess and address the root causes of chronic health issues and aging. She uses targeted “Functional Medicine” advanced testing and treatments, which include nutritional supplements and hormones, as well as lifestyle and dietary modifications. She starts with your medical history and your standard medical records and adds Functional lab testing and even osteopathic structural evaluation & treatment approaches as needed. Dr. Ireland is particularly interested in complex medical issues and personalizing targeted preventive care to maximize health benefits while honoring your individual health goals.

Dr. Ireland has spent decades studying specialized medical testing, nutrition, and lifestyle interventions (exercise, stress reduction, sleep, breathing, and meditation techniques), along with direct structural treatments: Rolfing (Structural Integration), osteopathic and cranial manipulation. Dr. Ireland has followed the work of Jeffery Bland since the early 1990’s as the field of Functional Medicine evolved around him. A paradigm emerged for supporting individual patients’ overall health and "functioning" by investigating and treating the root causes of chronic diseases. Functional Medicine goes well beyond the standard medical approach of attacking diseases one microbe and one symptom at a time.

Dr. Ireland graduated from University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1997. She received Board Certification in Family Medicine and completed the Institute for Functional Medicine’s intensive AFMCP training.  In addition, she presented her first research on HIV and bone health in Cannes, France in 2000. Dr. Ireland then practiced HIV specialty care for several years in Los Angeles while on clinical faculty in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine. She then returned to the East Coast where she completed an NIH fellowship and Master of Science degree in epidemiology at Boston University’s School of Public Health in 2008. Dr. Ireland subsequently joined the Harvard Clinical Faculty, supervised residents and created a women’s health program at Fenway Health’s South End clinic while also co-creating an annual National LGBTQ Health Sciences Student Symposium. Dr. Ireland returned to California in 2013 to work for the San Francisco Department of Public Health and in various Primary Care settings in the San Francisco area, prior to COVID.


In 2021, Dr. Ireland joined with several colleagues in creating a clinic that focuses on individualized health care and wellbeing. We start with your personal health goals and concerns.  We pick up where Primary Care, driven by insurance company rules, leave off. Functional Medicine looks to optimize function in digestion, detoxification pathways, hormone production, cognition, physical performance, and your sense of well-being. Dr. Ireland uses specialty testing and her advanced osteopathic exam skills to go beyond the basic tests and symptom and infection treatments applied in standard primary care. Functional Medicine uses more precise testing for everything from digestion and absorption, to hormone balance and genetics to address the root causes of such problems as fatigue, inflammation, chronic diseases, and the effects of aging. We employ targeted preventive care using personalized nutritional and lifestyle interventions based on your test results and your daily habits and stressors that all affect your functioning and well-being.


This is not a "one-size-fits-all" practice. We respect your timeline, personal goals, and budget in individualizing an evaluation and treatment plan just for you. 


My Mission is to deliver excellent health care that is affordable and honors each client's individual values and goals.  


My vision is that if we can support each other in slowing down at least a little, to allow for more balance in our lives, that we will be healthier and happier individually and as a community.

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